Thursday, November 13, 2014

No Longer a Secret book review

No Longer a Secret: Unique Common Sense Strategies for Children with Sensory or Motor Challenges by Doreit Bialer and Lucy Jane Miller is an invaluable resource for those looking for on-the-spot, practical and cheap solutions and tips for kids with sensory issues.

The book starts out with a chapter dedicated to the eight sensory systems, Sensory Processing, and SPD.  The authors then move on to reveal their "secret" to intervention which they explain as a "process of devising strategies that work to support your child at times when he or she is experiencing sensory challenges."

The method walks you through various causes of the issue you are looking to fix.  For example, is it an attention problem, a sensation issue, or environmental.  Once you ascertain what cause underlies the problem (and the authors provide a handy chart to help you do so) you move on to the chapters which offer practical solutions to try with your child.

The authors provide games and activities for issues like self-regulation, sensory over and/or under-responsivity, among others. 

This is a really valuable resource for anyone who has, or works with, a child with sensory issues.  It provides fun, practical and cheap activity ideas that will help kids develop sensory regulation!

If you would like to borrow a copy of this book and you live in Illinois, please contact Family Matters at 866-436-7842.

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