Tuesday, November 11, 2014

3 Signs It’s Time to Talk With Your Child’s Teacher

When to Contact Your Child's Teachers: 3 Signs It's Time to Speak Up
originally posted on the National Center for Learning Disabilities

At a Glance
  • Frequent homework issues could be a sign of trouble at school.
  • A change in your child’s attitude about school could be another telltale sign.
  • Communicating your concerns early can sometimes head off bigger problems.

Have you ever wanted to call or email your child’s teacher but were afraid of being a bother? Don’t worry! Gone are the days of waiting for a parent-teacher conference, a PTA meeting or a chance meeting in the school hallway to touch base with the teacher.

School websites, social networks, email and texting have made it easier to stay in contact. And communicating early can sometimes head off bigger problems and enable you to build a solid relationship with the school.

Here are three situations when it’s wise to reach out:

  1. Your child’s attitude changes.

    Maybe your child—who used to like school—now throws a tantrum before getting on the bus. Or maybe he’s been expressing negative feelings about school in other ways. He might be having trouble academically or socially. The teacher can be your eyes and ears at school and help identify what’s going on.

    If the new behavior is evident at school, you and the teacher can talk about whether it happens at certain times of day or during certain subjects. Knowing this mightgive you deeper insight into why your child’s attitude has changed. The teacher can also ask other faculty and staff to keep an eye out.
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