Thursday, August 28, 2014

What Parents of Autistic Kids Would Like Teachers To Know

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Dear teachers,

Sometimes the challenges of having autistic kids can make it hard for us to do all of the things that you might expect from parents... making sure homework gets done, listening to reading, bringing in supplies, volunteering our help or making it to meetings on time.

We know this must be frustrating for you. It might even seem that we're not trying or don't care. But please know that we might have some really good reasons...

We're busy
Our lives are jam-packed with learning about autism, specialist appointments and constant challenges. This can make it hard to find a spare 20 minutes for meetings, homework, reading or popping out to the store for a sheet of poster board.

We're broke
Doctors, specialists, therapy costs, time off work and even losing our jobs are all putting serious financial pressure on us. So yes, it might be hard for us to find $5 for the class trip.

We're exhausted
It’s common for autistic kids to have sleep problems so a lot of us are up all night, and managing meltdowns are physically demanding. We might not be functioning at our best.

We’re on eggshells
We'd do anything to avoid setting off a meltdown that lasts for hours, but it takes a while to figure out how to do that. In the meantime it can be like living in an abandoned minefield, so our nerves are on edge.

We’re overwhelmed
There’s so much to keep track of - information, appointments, terminology, advice - and we’re running on minimal resources. Systems are overloading.

We’re touchy
A lot of people don’t understand autism and judge our kids and our parenting harshly. So if we seem a bit defensive please don't take it personally, we're just used to having to protect ourselves.

We’re hurting
It’s hard to see your child struggling and not know what to do about it.

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