Thursday, July 31, 2014

Why Can Transitions Be So Hard?

By Bec Oakley
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Transitions can be a big source of stress for some autistic kids, so let's take a look at some of the reasons why and what you can do to help make them easier.


A transition is a change from one thing to another - a task, location, the seasons, even waking from sleep. They happen more slowly and predictably than other types of change that can be stressful, like surprises or having to reschedule an outing because it’s raining. Those types of change are upsetting because they mess with expectations and routines, but transitions are a slightly different kettle of fish.


Attention shifts

Say you’re sitting in your favourite armchair engrossed in a gripping novel and you’ve hit the sweet spot - the cushions have moulded around you in just the right way and the afternoon sun is warming your toes through the window. You’re so comfortable you could sleep for hours, if only the story wasn’t so damn exciting... Emile has just cracked the combination to the safe, the one that contains the antidote for the poison that’s now coiling around his windpipe like a snake. With seconds of oxygen left before he loses consciousness, he has to defuse the bomb attached to his chest before he blows up everyone on the plane. His fingers tremble, as he slowly --

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