Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Really Big List Of Back To School Tips For Kids With ASD

Image: Mário Tomé

Heading back to school after the long summer break can be a really stressful transition for autistic kids... and their parents. Here are some ideas to make it easier for everybody.

1.  Buy school supplies early
Having all new stuff isn’t always exciting, for some kids the change can be unsettling. Shop early for the things your kids need to give them time to familiarize themselves and learn how to use them. And don’t throw away their favourites from last year - even if that coloured pencil is worn down to the nub, the sight of a familiar friend inside a pencil case can be comforting when everything else around you is brand new.

2.  Shop for new clothes together
For kids who don’t wear a uniform, let them decide what they’ll feel most comfortable wearing to school. Shopping for new clothes can be stressful and a sensory nightmare, so make sure you buy the new stuff well before the last week of summer.

3.  Prepare new clothes
If your kids are hypersensitive, cut off all the labels and stretch out any tight neck or wristbands. Wash new clothes a few times to soften them up a bit and get rid of the strange smells (or add comforting familiar ones).

4.  Wear in new shoes
New shoes always hurt feet. Plus they feel weird when you’re used to going barefoot or wearing sandals all summer. Socks can also be an issue for many kids, and can feel distracting or even unbearable, so wear them in slowly and make sure they're not too tight.

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