Thursday, April 3, 2014

Me, Myself and I - Decoding Pronoun Reversal

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You've probably heard that pronoun reversal is a common feature of language development in autism... but did you know that it's a common feature of language development for everybody?

That’s right, most kids mix up their pronouns at some point. But like a bunch of other stuff, autistic kids often do it later and for longer.

So what is a pronoun and why do they get reversed?

What's a pronoun?

A pronoun is a word that can be used as a label in place of a noun - 'she' instead of Deborah or 'it' instead of the cat. So if you replaced the nouns in the sentence ‘Deborah sat on the cat’ with pronouns, you’d get ‘She sat on it’.

Here, let Tarzan show you...

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