Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Parent's Guide to the Medical World of Autism" Review

Receiving a diagnosis of autism for your child can be daunting.  There is a lot of information out there about autism, but it isn't always clear which treatments are safe and effective and which ones are ineffective, or worse, dangerous. Add to that the stress that comes with not knowing how to help your child with sleep, behavior, or anxiety issues, and it can be downright overwhelming.

Teachers and doctors will sometimes recommend medicating a child with autism, but that can be a very frightening prospect for most parents.   Edward Aull, who is a Behavioral Pediatrician, wrote this book, The Parent's Guide to the Medical World of Autism to help mitigate some of those concerns and fears.

He provides useful information on all kinds of topics from different evaluations used to diagnose someone with autism, the differences between Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, and ADHD.  He also covers sleep issues and gives treatment examples.

There is an entire chapter on medications that includes many common medicines used for kids with autism and their possible side effects.He includes dosage information and gives really useful information about anxiety and autism.  I especially appreciated the guidelines he gives on whether or not to medicate your child and how to best use medication.  He says things like, "Do not increase the dose or add another medication every time there is a meltdown or a problem.  Medication is only one tool in the toolbox for behavior problems."

Another chapter is devoted solely to atypical antipsychotic medications, which also includes information on side effects and dosages. Later, he spends time discussing ADHD with regards to autism and includes information about ADHD medicines.

Though written by a medical doctor, the language in this book is very easy to read.  It feels like sitting down and chatting with a trusted friend.  Aull avoids using jargon and is careful to explain any terms that might be unfamiliar.  He also includes real-life examples of his patients to illustrate his point in an interesting and clear manner.  If you have ever considered using medicine for your child with autism, this book is an important resource!

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Family Matters Parent Training and Information Center has a copy of this book in our lending library.  If you live in Illinois and would to borrow this book, please call us at 866-436-7842.  Or you can request the book yourself on our website:  You can borrow resources for a month and we send you a self-addressed, stamped envelope for easy return!

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