Tuesday, March 11, 2014

99 Questions About Autism

Every now and then I take a look through the traffic report for this website, marveling at all the ways people end up here. The most interesting part is the Google search terms, which is often both fascinating and hilarious. And sometimes creepy. Seriously, you don’t wanna know.

A lot of these searches are questions, and I often wonder if the people asking them found what they were looking for. So I thought I’d pick some of them to answer in this post, and also because it’s interesting (and sometimes funny) to see the kinds of things that people want to know.

So today I bring you... answers to 99 questions about autism (and some other stuff)*

I’m not including all the many, many, maaaaaaany questions I get asked about Minecraft. That will have to be another post altogether.

What does it mean to be a literal thinker?

Words have two layers of meaning - what they actually mean (literal) and what we want them to mean (figurative). Literal thinkers tend to focus on the true meaning of words and have a hard time seeing this second, figurative layer of meaning.

Am I a literal thinker?

Do you have trouble understanding metaphors, sarcasm or euphemisms? Do you often misunderstand what others are trying to say? Do you find figurative speech stressful or confusing? Do you wish people would say what they mean? Then you might be a literal thinker.

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