Thursday, March 27, 2014

18 Tips To Make Transitions Easier

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In part one we looked at some of the reasons why transitions can be difficult for some kids, now let's figure out how to help.

1.  Break it down

Do a task analysis to break the transition into smaller steps, so you can figure out where the problem is. Let's take moving from computer time to another activity as a quick example:

2.  Show that change can be okay

Use two activities that he loves equally and practice switching between them. Teach him to recognise what a transition is, when it's coming and how it will feel. Make it a rewarding, stress-free time so he can focus on learning the cues and experiencing the change as a pleasant thing.

3.  Ease into it

Sometimes making a transition less obvious, by blurring the lines between activities or making the steps between them smaller, can help close a gap that feels too intimidating to cross. Let him bring toys from the floor to the kitchen table while you make breakfast, then put them away when his cereal is ready. Switch from fleecy trackpants to long cargo shorts and socks before making the move to short summer pants.

4.  Be prepared

But you already knew this one. The best way to cope with transitions is to know that they're coming. Get into the habit of thinking about the plan for the day, the week, the month ahead and identify times of transition in advance.

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