Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I am the Master of My Emotions free webcast

Pyramid Educational Consultants is pleased to announce the launch of our newest webcast, I am the Master of My Emotions! This webcast was developed and presented by Andy Bondy, Ph.D., the co-founder of Pyramid Educational Consultants, creator of the Pyramid Approach to Education™ and co-creator of the Picture Exchange Communication System™ (PECS).

Join Andy as he discusses how effective lessons regarding emotions can be designed and implemented, as well as why these lessons are difficult to teach. The information presented is an overview of our full day talk, The Language of Emotions. Andy presents the information in a simple and conversational manner, enabling even the novice to grasp the concepts discussed.

I am the Master of My Emotions webcast for FREE!

This webcast is appropriate for all members of the educational team, including speech-language pathologists, parents, teachers, paraprofessionals, behavior analysts, psychologists, social workers and/or other professionals providing services for individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

What You Will Begin To Learn:
 To describe how children typically learn to comment about “private events”
 The type of information adults respond to when teaching children to tell us about their emotions, and what may be missing for children with autism
 Why traditional approaches to teaching “the language of emotions” may not be effective and how they can be improved
 How to take advantage of existing emotional displays and how to create situations that are likely to induce such feelings
 Why it is not really easy to teach “really”

Interested in more information about the I am the Master of My Emotions webcast? Contact Alexis Bondy, Marketing Manager, at alexisb@pecs.com. More webcast titles are set to launch in April 2011. Future webcast titles include The Pyramid Approach for Parents and Professionals and A Clear Picture: The Use & Benefits of PECS.

Interested in learning more about the Language of Emotions? Attend or host our one day talk, The Language of Emotions! Go to www.pecs.com for more information.

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