Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to Reduce Fear For Autistic Kids

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It’s often said that fear is the number one emotion for autistic kids, because the world around them is a confusing, unpredictable and threatening place to be. But that’s only half the reason why they experience fear so often - it’s not just that they feel more threatened, but that their reactions to those threats are very often misunderstood.

Autistic kids don’t always experience fear in a way that most people expect or understand. This can result in three very common situations in which their fear is overlooked:

It’s not recognized
The behaviours don’t look like fear and are misinterpreted as something else.

It’s not expected
The situation is one in which kids don’t usually experience fear, so carers aren’t prepared or watching for a fear reaction.

It’s not acknowledged
They seem afraid but the object of that fear is not something that most people find scary.

The result of all this confusion is that these kids tend to miss out on receiving protection and comfort when they need it most. Misunderstanding their fear means that they have to experience so much more of it, which is not only detrimental to long term health but also to the trust they feel in the people who take care of them.

Let’s take a look at these situations in more in detail.

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