Monday, February 10, 2014

10 Promises Every Special Educator Should Make To Their Students’ Parents


1. I promise to stop calling parents who have high expectations and advocate for their children “high maintenance” and I will equally try to discourage the term “high profile” if due process is involved.
2. I promise to presume competence (always assume that your child can learn and is interested in learning) even if they are unable to communicate to me what they know (yet!)
3. I promise to never use the “R” word and to speak up against it when I hear it used in private or public.
4. I promise to ask your input on the educational goals for your child BEFORE the IEP meeting and realize that without your collaboration we have no team.
5. I promise to remember that YOU were your child’s first teacher and YOU are an expert on your child…not me.
6. I promise to stop using “what is he/she going to get out of this?” or “they’re not ready” as an excuse for not including your child in general education.

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