Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why Your Kids Need To Know Who Justin Bieber Is

written by Bec Oakley at snagglebox.com

No matter how you feel about the fact that Justin Bieber topped the list of the most Googled people last year, it's a result that you should pay attention to.


Because giving your autistic kids a grounding in pop culture can be an important way to help them adjust to the world around them...

It's a common language
This is the way kids communicate with each other, so exposing yours to the lingo will give them a foot in the door to being understood and accepted by their peers. It will be easier for them to follow along (and possibly even join in) conversations if they understand what the other kids are talking and laughing about.

It's a common experience
You may not always love it but this stuff is part of our culture, and so are your kids. By exposing them to it you’re expanding the pool of people they can connect with by increasing their chances of having something in common with someone else.

Teachers use it
An increasing amount of time in the classroom is being spent online, and teachers often use popular culture references to make learning materials more relevant and motivating.

It's something familiar
This stuff is everywhere. If your kids already know the songs, TV shows, characters and films that they’ll see and hear at the mall, in the car, in the waiting room at the dentist or on the t-shirts of strangers then it might make these places just a little less scary for them.

The bottom line
I'm not advocating that you turn your kids into bland cookie-cutter wannabe consumers, try to quash their uniqueness or teach them that what's popular equals what's right. But the bottom line is that these are kids who have trouble fitting in, and having some knowledge about popular culture could be the ace up their sleeve that might just help make the world an easier place for them.

Image source: Flickr user vnaylon

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