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Things I Hope My Kids Learn This Year

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Today I was scrounging around looking for my sanity some paperwork when I found this instead. It’s something that I’d written to myself a few years ago, while we were buried deep in yet another round of IEPs and goal setting and standardized tests.

At the time I was frustrated that in all the detailed discussions of my kids’ educational needs we were somehow missing the bigger picture stuff. The really important things. We were bogged down in handwriting and test scores and sitting still, and none of it was what I actually wanted to write on the form where it asked "What are your main concerns for the year?"

I was too shy and overwhelmed back then to share it with their teachers... but I wish that I had, because at the end of the day these are the outcomes that I cared about the most.

Things I hope my kids learn this year

I hope they learn... there are safe places to be found outside our house.
I hope they learn... people can be kind.
I hope they learn... ‘the right way’ looks different for everyone.
I hope they learn... learning is something you can do for fun.
I hope they learn... needing supports doesn’t mean that you're lazy.
I hope they learn... the amount you try matters more than the number of mistakes you make.
I hope they learn... conformity is not a goalpost.
I hope they learn... the things they're interested in are worthwhile knowing.
I hope they learn... sport is about having fun, not throwing the perfect pitch.
I hope they learn... failure is a beginning and not an end.
I hope they learn... they’re worth getting to know.
I hope they learn... being curious is a wonderful thing, no matter what shape it takes.
I hope they learn... it’s always okay to speak up when something is wrong.
I hope they learn... they are overflowing with possible and can and able.
I hope they learn... that yes, they can learn.

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