Thursday, January 23, 2014

Resources on Transition from high school

Most parents worry about their children's future, but this is especially true for parents of kids with special needs.  We worry about how to adequately prepare them for life after high school.  Often, our special needs kids need more help in learning independent living skills. For this reason, in Illinois, as soon as a student turns 14 and a half, their IEP team should have a meeting to make a transition plan.

Below, I have listed some valuable resources that address transition planning for kids with IEPs.  Check them out.

~~Here is a great overview of what transition plans are

~~This article provides information about your child's civil rights with regards to transition.  Click here.

~~The IEP for transition-age students.

~~Doing Your Homework:Making the Transition from School to Work & Future Education

~~IDEA 2004: Improving Transition Planning and Results

~~Termination Just Before Transition: Is this Best?

~~Parents Guide to Transition to College, Career, and Community. This article will increase your knowledge and provide tools to help you prepare for your child’s transition from K-12 education to postsecondary education and life as a young adult.

If you would like more information about transition plans in Illinois, please contact Family Matters at 866-436-7842.  An information specialist at Family Matters can provide you with information about your child's special education rights.  We can also review your child's IEP and/or transition plan and help you understand it.

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