Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Assessment 101: How Do You Choose a Good Evaluator?

Do you know what questions to ask when selecting an evaluator?
You want an evaluator who is skilled at interpreting test results and completing a report that offers a rich and complex understanding of your child.
Armed with information from a comprehensive assessment, you will be able to make good decisions that support your child’s development and growth.

Choosing a Skilled Evaluator
Your evaluator should have the appropriate level of education, clinical training, and required licensure. 
Dr. Aida Khan, clinical psychologist and pediatric neuropsychologist describes How to Choose an Evaluator.

Parents Ask: Can We Get an Independent Evaluation by an Evaluator of Our Choice?
Some school policies require parents to select an evaluator from a list of "approved evaluators." Here's how to politely but firmly decline.
The Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) published this Policy Letter that clarifies parents have the right to choose their independent evaluator.

Mistakes Independent Evaluators Should Avoid!
Parents need a competent, credible, independent evaluator.
In his series, Mistakes People Make, parent attorney Bob Crabtree explains that Mistakes by Independent Evaluators may undermine their credibility or render their opinions useless.

Reports from Evaluators: Should Parents Provide a Copy to the School?
Yes! answers Pete Wright.
I recommend that when parents obtain private evaluations, they share a copy of the report with the school district prior to a meeting.

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