Tuesday, January 14, 2014

An Alternative SPD Lexicon

When Pudding was first diagnosed, I had to learn a whole new vocabulary just to understand her therapists. I thought it would be nice to post a cheat sheet so that we all understand each other, my definitions aren’t exactly standard, but they do describe our life with SPD. So what does SPD stand for? Read on.

SPD- Sometimes Pretty Demanding.
IEP – Incredibly Enervating Process.
Motor Skills – What we develop as we drive our kids from OT, or PT, or ST, school, social skills groups, doctors, and specialists with reluctant, squabbling children doing their best to distract us. Requires…
Motor Planning - bringing enough snacks/ juice/ stickers/ fidgets to keep the kids relatively calm for the journey. Inevitably leads to a…
Gross Motor – how my car looks after all the snacks/ juice/ stickers/ fidgets end up dumped out on the floor.

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