Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Some holiday links

The last month or so, I have come across some great, helpful resources about special needs and the holidays.  I thought I would highlight a few here in case anyone is interested in checking these posts out.

Christmas gift list:

At Four Plus an Angel, Ashlynn, a teen with autism, shares great gift suggestions for kids with autism. 

Holiday Sensory Challenges

The holidays are filled with fun, excitement, and sensory challenges for kids and adults alike.  Read this article for information about holiday sensory challenges and ways to help kids.

SPD Hanukkah

Check out this wonderful article about Hanukkah and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Holiday Humor

12 Days of Christmas SPD style

Twas the Night before an SPD Christmas

Autism Tips

This post has some great tips for parents of kids with autism on how to survive the holidays. 

A simple Christmas Request

Read this heartwarming post by a mom of a special needs kid.

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