Monday, December 30, 2013

Individualized IEPs: What Does it Take?

Individualized IEPs: What Does it Take?
Wondering if your child's IEP is really specific to his unique needs?
When you answer the questions on this IEP Checklist, you will know if your child's IEP is individualized, as the law requires.

Who's on the Team?
Schools must do all they can to ensure that parents participate in the IEP process.
You know your child so very well and the school needs to know your insights and concerns. Here's how to Add Parent Input to the IEP.

Services in the IEP: Specific & Individualized
Your child's IEP must include specific information about the services he will receive.
Download the Model IEP Form from the US Department of Education that requires the projected beginning date, frequency, location, and duration of services.

If you would like more information about IEPs, please contact us at Family Matters.  Our phone number is 866-436-7842.  We provide workshops and trainings on IEPs.  We also can review records and help parents analyze IEP goals to ensure that they are measurable, appropriate and realistic.

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