Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Great DIY Weighted Blanket Experiment

written by Bec Oakley

originally posted on snagglebox.com

Attie doing a puppet show for me while I wrote this post.

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to consider a weighted blanket for my kids.

Maybe because they’ve always been good at settling in at night... until we moved house last year and Attie had a room of his own for the first time. He doesn’t like this one little bit, and it’s been a nightly struggle to get him to conquer his fear of being alone. Finding the right kind of night light, leaving a fan on for white noise, letting the dog sleep in his room. Letting the dog sleep on his bed. Letting the dog sleep on the floor when they argued over who got the pillow.

One night after the tenth round of “but your bedroom is so far awayyyyyy” (dude, it’s three feet), I squeezed him extra hard and said “Here, I’ll give you enough hug to last until morning.” Underneath the weight of my body I heard a muffled “Mummy? That squashing feels really good. Do that some more.”


I headed back to bed to research how to make a DIY weighted blanket. They’re expensive to buy, and what if he didn’t like the feeling? Spare cash isn’t exactly abundant at the moment, so I figured making my own would be a great low-risk solution... completely ignoring the fact that I have no skills of any kind. But hey, I’m a crafting optimist.

A couple of hours later I became despondent at all the tutorials touting “It’s sew easy!” (see what they did there), and talk of exotic things like seams and stitching and cotton batting. I’ll let you in on a secret. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SEW. Oddly, this has in no way dampened my enthusiasm for collecting vintage sewing patterns, of which I have over 500 for no reason other than they’re completely and utterly awesome and I am in intense fascination with every single one of them.

See? How could this not make you insanely happy.
The collar! The sling-backs! The Farrah Flip!

I digress.
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