Thursday, June 27, 2013

Get your kids on the big screen!

Here's your chance to get your kid in a movie!

We here at Family Matters are putting together some videos for our website.  We want to interview children with special needs about school and friendship, and we'd love to include your kid in the video.

If you live in or near Effingham, you can make arrangements to meet with one of our staff to conduct the interviews.

If you do not live near Effingham, there is still a way for you to participate. 
You can videotape your child answering some questions (which are included at the end of this post) and send us the footage. 

Please email the video footage to by August 1st.  We will let you know once the videos are done and posted on our website.

Please consider helping us with this project.  We would like teachers, parents, school staff, and anyone who works with kids with special needs to hear how they can help make school a better experience!

Here are the questions we will be asking:  (you can adapt them to meet the needs of your child)

** What makes school difficult for you?
**What could the people at school do to help you more?
**If you were principal and could change the rules, what would you do?
**If you were an adult at the school, how would you help kids who struggle?
**What would you like for people to understand about you and how you learn?
**What makes a good friend?
**Why is it sometimes difficult to make friends?
**What could your teacher do to help you make friends?
**If you could spend the entire day with a friends, what would you do together?
**What do you wish your friends would do?
**How do you know when someone is your friend?

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