Thursday, May 16, 2013

17 Cool Gift Ideas For Aides And Therapists

by Bec Oakley at


Giving your kids' classroom aide, therapists and other support people a gift is a wonderful way to thank them for all the hard work they’ve put in. They have a super hard job and the pay is crap (really, it’s shameful), so a little appreciation goes a long way - and unlike the teacher, they usually don’t receive a lot of gifts.

So whether it’s Christmas, the end of the school year or their birthday (heck, why not just randomly surprise them one day?) here's a bunch of cool ways to say thanks.


1. An interview scrapbook
Make your gift a souvenir of the time they've spent together. Prompt the kids to relive memories with questions about the things they've done over the year:

  • Miss Thompson is funny when...
  • I like it when Miss Thompson does...
  • Miss Thompson taught me to...

  • You might be surprised at some of the answers! Compile them into a scrapbook with drawings, photos or work samples.

    2. Photos
    Don’t just put one lonely picture in a frame, make a series with a shot from each month or the beginning and end of the school year to show how far the kids have come.
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