Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Prepare Your Child with NLD or Other Learning Disabilities for Summer

By Marcia Brown Rubinstien, MA, CEP
Originally posted at Smart Kids With Learning Disabilities

Children with nonverbal learning disabilities (NLD) have widely different learning and behavioral profiles, yet they often share a common trait: anxiety over transitions. Indeed, many children with learning disabilities experience anxiety in the face of change. To minimize concerns for children with NLD and other learning challenges you must prepare them for the changes that summer brings long before the weather turns balmy.

Begin building a framework now by assuring your child that his summer activities will have benefits that far outweigh his fears of transitioning.
Assess Your Child
The mission of developing productive summers for kids challenged by change begins with a careful and comprehensive assessment. Know not only what your child embraces, but also what he fears. You can help him succeed at summer camp, summer school, travel, or special interest programs by balancing his interests with conditions that make him comfortable.
Begin with a preliminary investigation of summer options; ask yourself:
  • What are my child’s assets and deficits?
  • What conditions create comfort and, alternatively, what conditions generate anxiety?
  • Does my child exhibit any behavioral, cognitive or emotional patterns that might affect summer activity selection?
  • What makes my child happy?
  • What makes my child anxious and depressed?
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