Monday, April 1, 2013

Coloring Outside Autism's Lines Review and Giveaway!!

Over the years, I have read many, many books on autism, Asperger’s Sydrome and Sensory Processing Disorder. Many of these books have given me insight into what challenges my kids are facing, while others have given me invaluable advice on how to help them better navigate the world. Other books have provided many sensory activities and therapy ideas.
Until reading Coloring Outside Autism’s Lines:50+ Activities, Adventures, and Celebrations for Families with Children with Autism by Susan Walton, however, I had never read a book whose sole purpose was encouraging parents to have fun with their special needs kids. This book details dozens of different ways you can have fun–even with a child with autism. Walton asserts that though adaptations often need to be made, having a child with autism is no reason to rule out many adventures, activities and family celebrations.
Walton’s extremely practical tips about preparing for outings and adapting parties to meet your kids’ needs are invaluable. It is obvious that she has spent a lot of time researching this topic. Though the advice is pragmatic, the book’s tone itself is completely accessible and very validating.

As a mom of a son with autism, Walton admits that life can be exceedingly difficult. She says, “The impact of [autism] is that each day is hard. We’re spread too thin. There are days when autism feels like a lifetime punishment for an unknown crime. We look at friends who are arranging playdates, signing up for summer camps, or planning birthday parties with ease and can’t help but wonder: Why isn’t it that way for me?”

In a world full of therapy and treatments, special diets and school services, it is so good to be reminded that we can have fun with our kids, no matter what special needs they may have. Though parenting a child with autism can be overwhelming, Walton reminds us that the biggest mistake we can make as parents is to neglect family fun.

The best aspect of this book, in my opinion was that it didn’t make me feel guilty about something I wasn’t doing correctly and it didn’t conjure up worries for my son’s future. Instead, it uplifted me and reminded me of how much I love spending time with my family doing fun activities. Reading Coloring Outside Autism’s Lines inspired me to be more adventurous and to turn even common daily activities into fun activities with the kids.

And you know what? Even though my list of responsibilities has not been miraculously shortened, I feel lighter somehow. And my kids are really enjoying my newfound attitude of adventure. They even seem more cooperative about getting chores and homework done. And we’re all really looking forward to warmer weather so we can enjoy a “Puddle Stomping Day.”
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  1. I would love to check this book out! I'm so glad that it helped you feel lighter and more adventurous!

  2. Sounds like something I need to look into. All too often I spend our days doing therapy, fighting school districts, arranging appointments, etc. What is this PLAY of which you speak?

  3. I love these ideas! We need more play in our lives.

  4. Would love to check this book out! I am always up for new ideas.