Wednesday, February 27, 2013

RtI Should Not Delay an Evaluation

Originally posted on Wrightslaw.

A special ed teacher asks, “When a parent asks for a special ed evaluation, our district makes the child go through RTI - even when the team sees strong evidence of learning disabilities. When a parent asks the school to evaluate, what are their rights?”

A parent asks, “When we asked the school to evaluate our child, the school advised that they could not evaluate until our child goes through RTI. If we do not agree to RTI, they wlll not evaluate or provide any services. This is causing long delays in getting an IEP. Is this legal?”

School districts should not use RTI to delay, or worse, to not evaluate children who are suspected of having specific learning disabilities.

videoIn a new video, Pete Wright answers questions from parents and teachers who are concerned that schools are using RTI to delay or deny evaluations and IEPs.

****If you have questions about RtI and what it means for your child's education, please contact us at Family Matters.  Our phone number is 866-436-7842.****

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