Thursday, January 10, 2013

Response to Intervention--A Parents Guide to RtI

originally published on The National Center for Learning Disabilities' website:
Response To Intervention - Education Advocacy

The parents of millions of children who struggle to learn are searching 24/7 to help their children move forward in school. This guide to Response to Intervention is an easy-to-understand and critical tool for these parents.

- James H. Wendorf. Executive Director, NCLD


Millions of school-age children experience difficulties with learning.
 Their struggles in school may be due to factors such as cultural or language
 differences, poor attendance or a lack of appropriate instruction. In some cases, a disability such as a learning disability can make learning difficult for a child.

The National Center for Learning Disabilities’ RTI Action Network has developed this guide for parents and schools involved in implementing response to intervention (RTI) in the elementary grades. As schools work to implement this new approach, some confusion may arise, so parents should feel free to ask questions and raise concerns along the way. For specific information on parents' rights under RTI, download our Parent Rights in the Era of RTI PDF.

What's Inside

The Parent's Guide to RTI includes
  • Parent Perspectives – Real-world examples from parents who have experience with RTI.
  • Glossary – Learn the important terms you'll need to know during the process.
  • Tiered Intervention 101 – Concise explanations of the tiered model and why it works.

Click here to access the free guide.

********If you would like more information about RtI, please contact Family Matters at 866-436-7842.  Are you worried your child is not receiving enough help at school?  Are you concerned about an aspect of RtI?  Give us a call and we can answer your questions about RtI or other school-related issues.*************

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