Friday, January 11, 2013

"Parents Rights in the Era of RtI"


Yesterday's post provided a link to a guide about RtI.  Today, we are providing a link to a guide of parents' rights and RtI.

If you are interested in learning more about what your rights are as a parent, keep reading.

RtI is a process "which includes the provision of systematic, research-based instruction and interventions to struggling learners."  This system should be matched to a student's needs and progress of the student is monitored closely.  RtI is an early intervention tool to help prevent academic failure.

The National Center for Learning Disabilities has put together a guide: "Parents Rights in the Era of RtI" which is very useful and free. 

The guide includes information on:
  • RTI Use across States—The manner in which states incorporate RTI into SLD identification varies dramatically.
  • Child Find—Your school district’s legal obligation to "find" all children who may have a disability and, because of their disability, need special education services.
  • Rights to Evaluation—Every parent has the right to request an evaluation at any time to determine if their child has a disability and what that child’s educational needs are.
  • Strategies for Addressing Identification Issues—The process of determining whether your child has a disability such as a learning disability and needs special education cannot go on indefinitely.

  • Click here to access the guide

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