Friday, January 4, 2013

New Record Keeper Information Sheets Available Now!!!

As a parent of a child with an IEP, I understand how difficult it can be to keep track of and organize all of your child’s records. If you are like me you have not only IEPs and school records but medical records to keep track of as well. Finding a system to keep track of my daughter’s current and past records has proven to be very helpful for me.  I don’t have to search for records to prepare for an IEP meeting. With that in mind I created these record keeper information sheets that you can use with whatever system works for you. The record keeper information sheets are available both for free and for purchase. The free version of the record keeper information sheets, are available by download on our website: in the “printable” resources section. They are also included in the student records keeper available for purchase (for $10) in the “items to order/purchase” section. 


There are 14 pages included in the Record Keeper Information Sheets, the titles are as follows:

·         Cover Page

·         Student Records Keeper

·         ISBE Parent’s Guide/ISBE Records Keeper (general information)

·         Student Brochures and Portfolios

·         Schoolwork Samples

·         Parental Concerns

·         School Communication Log

·         Current IEP / Section 504 Plan

·         Behavior Intervention Plan

·         Current Evaluations

·         RtI – Response to Intervention

·         Report Cards/Progress Reports

·         Medical information provided to the school

·         School calendar/handbook


Each sheet includes tips and information about that specific topic.

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