Thursday, December 27, 2012

Family Matters Acronym Guide, Part 1

Ever wonder what people are talking about when they throw around all those acronyms?  Special education is rife with abbreviations that can be confusing.  Here is a guide to the most common acronyms and what they mean:
AA—Alternate Assessment

AAC—Augmentative and Alternative Communication

ABA—Applied Behavior Analysis

ABS—Adaptive Behavior Scale

ADA—Americans with Disabilities Act

ADD—Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD—Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADL—Activities of Daily Living

ADR—Alternative Dispute Resolution

AE—Age Equivalency

AES—Alternative Educational Setting

AMI—Alliance for the Mentally Ill

APE—Adaptive Physical Education

ASD—Autism Spectrum Disorder

ASL—American Sign Language

AT—Assistive Technology

AYP—Adequate Yearly Progress

BD—Behavioral Disorder

BIP—Behavior Intervention Plan

CA—Chronological Age

CAPD—Central Auditory Processing Disorder

CARS—Childhood Autism Rating Scale

CD—Conduct Disorder

CFC—Child and Family Connections

CFR—Code of Federal Regulations

CST—Child Study Team

DCFS—Department of Children and Family Services

DD—Developmental Disability

DDD—Division of Developmental Disabilities

DHS—Department of Human Services

DMH—Division of Mental Health

DRS—Division of Rehabilitation Services

DSM—Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders by the

American Psychiatric Association

DTI—Discrete Trial Instruction

DTT—Discrete Trial Training

DVR—Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

E/BD—Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

EC—Early Childhood

ECE—Early Childhood Education

ECFE—Early Childhood Family Education

ECSE—Early Childhood Special Education

ED—Emotional Disturbance

EDGAR—Education Department General Administrative Regulations

EI—Early Intervention (0-3)

EPSDT—Early Prevention Screening Detection and Treatment

ERIC—Educational Resources Information Center

ESEA—Elementary and Secondary Education Act

ESL—English as a Second Language

ESY—Extended School Year

FAPE—Free Appropriate Public Education

FBA—Functional Behavioral Assessment

FERPA—Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FOIA—Freedom of Information Act

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