Friday, December 28, 2012

Acronym Guide, Part 2

GARS—Gillian Autism Rating Scale

GE—Grade Equivalency

HFS—Department of Healthcare and Family Services

HQT—Highly Qualified Teacher

IAA—Illinois Alternative Assessment

IAES—Interim Alternative Educational Setting

IDEA—Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act

IDEIA—Individuals with Disabilities in Education Improvement Act

IEE—Independent Educational Evaluation

IEP—Individualized Education Program

IFSP—Individualized Family Service Plan

IQ—Intelligence Quotient

IRP—Individual Rehabilitation Plan

ISAC—Illinois State Advisory Council on Special Education

ISBE—Illinois State Board of Education

LAN—Local Area Network

LEA—Local Educational Agency

LEP—Limited English Proficiency

LRE—Least Restrictive Environment

MI—Mental Illness

MR—Mental Retardation

NAMI—National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

NASBE—National Association of State Boards of Education

NASDSE—National Association of State Directors of Special Education

NCLB—No Child Left Behind Act

NICHCY—National Information Center for Children & Youth

with Disabilities

NPRM—Notice of Proposed Rule Making

OCR—Office for Civil Rights

OHI—Other Health Impairment

OSEP—Office of Special Education Programs

OSERS—Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services

OT—Occupational Therapy

PAS—Pre-Admission Screening

PASS—Plan for Achieving Self-Support

PDD—Pervasive Developmental Disorder

PECS—Picture Exchange Communication System

PLOP—Present Levels of Performance

PT—Physical Therapy

PTI—Parent Training and Information Center

PUNS—Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services

QMHP—Qualified Mental Health Professional

QMRP—Qualified Mental Retardation Professional

RTI—Response to Intervention

SASS—Screening, Assessment, & Support Services

SAT—Standardized Achievement Test

SEA—State Educational Agency

SI—Sensory Integration

SLD—Specific Learning Disability

SSDI—Social Security Disability Insurance

SSI—Supplemental Security Income

SST—Student Study Team/Student Support Team

STEP—Secondary and Technical Assistance Regional Network

USDOE—United States Department of Education

VR—Vocational Rehabilitation

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